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With a theme “Advancement of Technology for Impact on Humanity”, the third IEEE TEMSMET 2023 presents an open forum for scientists, researchers, engineers and students to exchange the latest innovations and research advancements in the areas of next-generation electronics, technology, engineering, management, entrepreneurship and innovation.

The conference aims in bringing eminent speakers and experts from different domains on a single platform. The conference will include plenary sessions and invited talks from eminent researchers on the state-of-the-art methods in related areas. It will be a very unique multidisciplinary as well as cross-disciplinary opportunity for authors to contribute original research, surveys, case studies and applications.

TEMSMET 2023 will have 4 different tracks covering multiple domains.  

During this international conference, researchers will have the opportunity to present their own work in the form of an oral presentation.

Original contributions based on the results of research and development are solicited. Prospective authors are requested to submit their papers in standard  IEEE conference paper format in not more than 6 pages, in the following broad areas (but not limited to). Authors must ensure the relevance of their submissions to the scope, name and theme of the conference. 

All the accepted and presented papers will be eligible for submission to IEEE for possible publication in the form of e-proceedings in IEEE Xplore.


Full length original research contributions not exceeding eight pages as per the IEEE double column format shall be uploaded for IEEE TEMSMET 2023 via Microsoft CMT onlinesubmission system.


~Hover on the image to view the track name~

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  • AI and Machine Learning

  • Data Analytics

  • Cloud Computing

  • Computer Networks

  • Computer Vision

  • Mobile Computing

  • Industry 4.0

  • Natural Language Processing

  • Signal Processing

  • Security and Privacy

  • Soft Computing

  • Software Engineering Practices

  • Geo spatial Technologies

  • High Performance Computing

  • Game Design and Development

  • Quantum Computing

  • Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition

  • Audio and Acoustic Signal Processing  

  • Biomaterial, Biomedical & Health Informatics   

  • Compressive Sensing, Sampling, and Dictionary Learning   

  • Computational Biology   

  • Geo informatics   

  • Graph Theory and Signal Processing

  • Machine learning in signal, Image, Video processing

  • Signal Processing for Communication and Networking   

  • Speech Processing

  • Antennas for 5G and Mobile Communication Systems   

  • Antennas for Defense/Radar/Autonomous Vehicle and Aircrafts

  • Cognitive radio

  • Defence Network   

  • Efficient Caching and content delivery systems in Mobile Network  

  • Formal techniques for Cyber physical System (CPS)

  • Green communications

  • Hardware in the loop systems  

  • Internet architecture and protocols, Internet science and emergent behavior

  • Applications in Hybrid electric vehicle   

  • Battery management systems   

  • Control Communication and Monitoring of Smart Grid   

  • Energy Storage System   

  • High Voltage Engineering, HVDC-FACTS  

  • Micro Grids& Distributed Generation

  • Power Generation, Transmission and Distribution   

  • Power System Monitoring, Control and Protection   

  • Renewable Energy Sources and Technology   

  • Switching Circuits & Power Converters

  •  Biomedical Sensors and Wearable Systems   

  • Biosensors and Bioelectronics   

  • Characterization, Reliability and Yield   

  • Circuit and Device Interaction   

  • Compound Semiconductor and High Speed Devices   

  • Memory Technology   

  • Modeling and Simulation   

  • Nano Device Technology   

  • Optoelectronics, Displays, and Imagers 

  • Power Devices   

  • Process and Manufacturing Technology 

  • Sensors, MEMs, and Bio mems

  • Wearable Sensors for Healthcare monitoring

  • ADSB and cyber vulnerability 

  • Battery engineering and management  

  • Future of Hybrid vehicles 

  • Heat and Thermal Technology   

  • Industry 4.0  

  • Material Science and Design  

  • Nano and Molecular Technologies in Medical Theranostics   

  • Programmable Nanoscale Building Blocks for Epitacia Self-Assembly of Advanced Materials  

  • Sustainability and green management challenges

  •  Systems Thinking  

  • Engineering Systems-of-Systems   

  • Systems Architecture

  • Model-Based Systems Engineering 

  • Systems Integration, Verification and Validation 

  • Engineering of new technologies in complex systems   

  • Safety Critical Systems  

  • Autonomous Systems   

  • Systems Engineering Education   

  • Large-Scale Systems Integration

Innovative Idea 03 [Converted].png




  • Digital Transformation

  • Innovations in Business Models

  • Ideation and Product development

  • Intellectual Property and Technology Policy development

  • Technology for Social Entrepreneurship

  • Technology transfer

  • Crowdsourcing for managing enterprises

  • Green and sustainable entrepreneurship

  • Corporate Entrepreneurship / Intrapreneurship

  • Accelerators and Incubators

  • Managing R &D Centers

  • Culture transformation

  • Healthcare Technologies

  • Autonomous Vehicles

  • Smart City

  • Training models for Innovation, Entrepreneurship & Intrapreneurship





  • Cyber-security and AI

  • Cyber-threat intelligence

  • Moving target defense

  • Network intrusion detection

  • Post-quantum security

  • Privacy and data protection

  • AI resilience management

  • Cyber-range platforms

  • Cyber-risk forecasting

  • Cyber-security training

  • Dynamic risk management

  • Gamification in security

  • Complex CPS security

  • Automotive security

  • Industrial IoT security

  • IoT and cloud forensics

  • Smart cities security

  • Smart grid security

  • Virtualization security

  • Applied cybersecurity

  • Cybersecurity data science

  • Cybersecurity education and training

  • Cybersecurity incidents

  • Cybersecurity management and policy

  • Cybersecurity technology

  • Human and social cybersecurity

  • Theories in cybersecurity

  • Cyber Law

  •  Content Centric Network (CCN)/ Information/Content centric networks (ICN)

  • Cyberphysical Systems (CPS) Security

  • Electric Vehicle, Vehicular Electronics and Intelligent Transportation System

  • Machine Learning in Networking and Mobile Computing  

  • Network security and privacy  

  • Optical Networking  

  • Positioning, Navigation and Mobile Satellite System

  • Software Defined Network (SDN) and Network Function Virtualization

  • Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Communications, and Telematics  

  • Vehicular Networks and Communication  

  • Wireless adhoc and sensor networks


vecteezy_marketing-modern-flat-concept-for-web-banner-design-woman_5868040 [Converted].png




  • Human Resource Information Systems

  • People Analytics

  • Cloud based talent management

  • Smart Talent Sourcing

  • Predictive analytics for HR processes

  • L & D and competency management

  • Technology enabled future workforce development

  • Remote working models / contactless working

  • Hybrid Social Enterprises based on technology

  • Impact of emerging technologies on Human capital

  • Business Networking Sites

  • Marketing Analytics

  • Digital Marketing Strategies for New Enterprises

  • Search Engine optimization for target marketing

  • Social Media Marketing

  • Electronic Customer Relationship Management (e-CRM)

  • AI in marketing

  • Sentiment Analysis for Marketing

Best Paper Awards

Best Paper Awards-INR 4000+Certificate, for each track.

Note: If in a track number of submitted papers is
1. Less than 10 Papers: no track level best paper award.
2. More than 10 Papers but less than 30 papers then one common best track paper award.

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